8 Motorcycle Routes in Myanmar that You Shouldn’t Ever Miss

Myanmar not only is a country of golden temples but also appears a real paradise for bikers with a number of scenic off the beaten tracks as well as endless undiscovered beauty nature. Let's explore the 8 outstanding motorcycle routes in this beautiful country with Burma Motorbike Tours.


This is the route you won’t dare missing the chance to travel by motorcycle. This is a great experience that you will love. To enjoy the trip, start the day with a breakfast and move out of the crowded city where you go through the crowded city towards Han Myit Moe Town, continue with your motorcycle drive towards through the route and have a little break tea shop before you now proceed to the hill of Shan state. After you proceed to the hill of Shan, on the way to Pindaya you get to the biggest village of Southern Shan state called Ywa Ngan.

While you are still on your motorcycle tour from Mandalay to Pindaya, you can get to Pindaya for your lunch break; you then visit the Natural cave of Pindaya. 

A motorcycle tour through this route will give you the privilege to take in spectacular views of the countryside. Taking this route with a motorcycle will help you enjoy the real life and authenticity of the countryside by passing through ethnic villages that you can hardly see if you are not on the motorcycle. 


This motorcycle trip is a memorable one from Pindaya to Kalaw, the monastery house will give you a memorable experience, this motorcycle tour will also expose you to the culture of Myanmar that can’t be seen better apart from this tour, there are lots of plants and fruits along the way which will make you mesmerized. 

Don’t think this tour will be complete without you having a taste of the local food and village stop by during the motorcycling tour. 

On a final note, the landscape of this part of Myanmar is overwhelming.


This is the first off-road motor biking that you will love. The kalaw off - road motorbiking route around the Pine land over Shan hills. The Kalaw off road makes you tour around the land of national tribes such as Shan, Danu, Pao, Paulung. These areas are also resort of the British colony.

This Kalaw off - road visit gives you a strange impression that there is a British town with National tribes. The adventures will just bury your stress and trust me it’s mind blowing.


From Kalaw to Inle is another motorcycle distance that you will enjoy. The motorbike tours will lead you on the nice gravel roads, the countryside and landscape through the route will make the trip a memorable one. The motorcycle tour along this route also gives you the opportunity to stay at friendly hotels and also eat at local restaurants or eat western foods.


Touring this 180km distance from Inle Lake- Meikhtila is worth it. Just take your breakfast before the drive and wind through the roads till you get to the lowlands of middle Myanmar. On getting to Meikhtila, you take your lunch and you enjoy the nice looking environment.


Meikhtila - Popa (105km) & Popa - Bagan (60km)

This is another motorcycle route in Myanmar that must be on your priority list. During the tour, you will cross into the most arid regions of Myanmar.

From Meikhtila you tour along till you get to Popa which is a point where you will enjoy the motorcycle tour.

Take your lunch at any of the restaurant and continue the motorcycle tour, Popa is another point where you can enjoy the eco-friendly Popa mountain resort. Visit the mountain and surrounding of Popa and continue with the motorcycling along the route.

Continue through the landscape of these areas filled with toddy palm fields. During the motorcycle tour, you can also stop by to see for yourself the process of making the toddy juice. The toddy palms located in this region are crème in the rural life of Myanmar. This toddy palm creates shades, can be used for making household utensils, medicines alongside the sugar and juice it produces.

Go through and enjoy the tour till you get to Bagan.


This is an awesome route that you will like to take. But the only setback is that the road is dusty. But passing through the river and the cultivation area will compliment that and make the tour memorable. Touring around Bagan then through Ayeyarwadddy river (where you cross the bridge) and then continue with the motorcycle tour to Pakkoku. Drive to visit Hpo Win Taung and Shwe Ba Tuang.


During this tour you will explore highlights like the well-known Thamboddhay temple that is known for having half million Buddha images. Your exploration in Monywa will be complimented with other important sites like the KaungMudaw Pagoda (the giant white dome).

You continue your motorcycle tour by passing through the U Bein Bridge, a bridge that has been erected for over 235 years ago from teakwood, you will also enjoy the sunset of  the U Bein Bridge that gives you sights, sounds and taste of the region before you  get to Mandalay.

I hope you won’t like to miss any of the motorcycle route in Myanmar just because of what you will enjoy the tour in Myanmar and through the routes.

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