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This might be the first question comes to your mind whenever you choose to use the service of a tour operator. Tour license is required for the protection of the customer (that means YOU) and that is why you should check this important document before taking the tour. To acquire a tour license, a tour company must meet stringent financial and operational standards and put up substantial cash bound as a sign of their financial stability. 

Burma Motorbike Tours has a legal tour operation which issued by Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar. This license allows us to operate tours anywhere in Myanmar. Our tour license number is displayed at the bottom of every page on this website.

Our tours are NOT for novice riders. Your riding skill must be good enough to ride a motorcycle competently, comfortably, and confidently. Our itineraries are various and interesting, from the challenging off - the - beaten trails, on - road to dusty countryside riding which guarantee you will get the real of Myanmar. 

Some days we ride up mountains to reach remote villages where the roads are steep, winding, narrow and required experienced riding skills. Also there are days when we just drive through the peaceful countryside to immerse in the beauty of the stunning paddy fields and rustic towns. 

If you are unsure about your riding skills, please CONTACT US to discuss and we will customize a tour to suit your experience.


If a cancellation happens once the booking has been confirmed, you must immediately advise us in writing and send to us via fax or email. Your cancellations will incur the following charges:

More than 60 days No cancellation fee, your deposit paid to us will be fully refunded
60 days to 31 days Your deposit paid to us is non-refundable
30 days to 15 days 50% of Tour cost
14 days to 8 days 70% of Tour cost
7 days or less 90% of Tour cost
No show 100% of Tour cost
  • The bank's refund transfer fee will be deducted from the refund money.

Since most everything is included in your tour package (motorcycle rental; accommodation; fuel cost; tour guide; all entry fees; all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner; soft drinks and more). So, your biggest expenses will be paid for alcoholic beverages in the evening and shopping.

Two hundred dollars should cover all your expenses if you are not a big drinker. Shopping is great so you might want to bring along some cash in case you see something you really like.

We can try to link individuals together as long as they are of similar driving experience. However, as our minimum amount of riders is only two. In case we cannot fit you in a tour with other riders, the other way can be that you have to pay the full price for two riders.



Burma Motorbike Tours is currently offering 2 kinds of motorcycle for rider based on their request: Honda XR150cc and Honda CRF250cc. Our motorcycles are all in perfect condition for riding and best choices for off-road terrain in Myanmar.

Any damage, mechanical or electrical failure on any motorcycle owned by Burma Motorbike Tours must be reported to the tour leader immediately. Included within the tour price is standard motorcycle damage insurance which covers for incidental damages. The clients will be liable for the first US $500.00 in any damage of the motorcycle deemed by Burma Motorbike Tours. The term damage is to exclude reasonable wear and tear.

Minor blemishes or paint chips caused by gravel, stones and insects are considered normal wear and tear however damage or scratches caused by an accident, dropping a motorcycle or riding it through bushes and flooding bikes is not considered normal wear and tear.

We strongly recommend you bring your own gears to be the most comfortable and all protective. We also provide helmets, gloves, knee and elbow guards which are of high quality brands in many different sizes. But we cannot guarantee a brand new quality as they have been worn by many riders on our tours and the sizes may not fit you correctly.

Please understand that we do not offer jackets, boots and trousers due to hygienic reasons. Good trekking or sport shoes and jeans should be enough.

Myanmar is just open its door for tourism and the country is still on the way of economic integration. So it is hard to find the European standard gears in Myanmar and they even cost more than in your own country. So please consider if you would like to get the things which require you spend more and be sure your arrival time allows you to find and arrange everything you need.


It is prohibited to ride a motorcycle in Yangon and in centre of Bagan. In other regions, motorcycles are widely used by local people (mostly small Chinese motorcycles). Traffic is not crowed in town and you will venture many places less travelled, unspoiled and not yet mentioned in guide books. Conquering the high twisty roads, hairpin bends and meeting real friendly local people who welcome foreigners as special guests. 

We drive on the right and all vehicles will share the lane. All speed limits are in km/h, 40 for towns, 60 for suburbs and 70 for major roads and dual carriageways. It is important to follow the guide and do not get separated from the group.

No, a valid national driving permit or a valid license with motorcycle amendment from your home country are all required, cause you are on a guided motorcycle tour with us.

We’re NOT in a race on our tours. There are a lot of things to see and to do in Myanmar that you should not miss when riding along some of the world’s most scenic roads. We usually ride about 160 to 200 kilometers daily (100 to 125 miles). We will leave the hotel around 8:30-9:00 a.m after breakfast and will stop for attractions, photos, activities such as visiting a mountain - top villages or temples depending on the group’s preference. We will also have a break to stretch our legs and share a cup of coffee or cool drinks about every hour or so.

Our goal is to enjoy the ride and take in as much of the local culture as possible. This is a trip of a lifetime so we don’t want you to miss a thing. We try to arrive at our night’s lodging by around 3:30-4:00 p.m. This gives us enough time to enjoy our new surroundings and take advantage of the resort’s amenities.

Where our van or luggage truck is not available, to ensure the safety and comfort of tourists we are restricted on the load of things to carry on the bike. It should be neatly packed, preferably in 1 bag, which is medium - sized. For the rest, if your luggage is over-sized, just send it to the hotel bell store or Burma Motorbike Tours office.

First, call us and see if we can help before the police come. Normally, the police will take all bikes and parties back to the police station and allow 24 hours for parties to settle before any legal action is taken.

Myanmar can be a very strange country regarding how the accident is solved, just as the way people ride. The bigger usually pay i.e car drivers to pay motorcyclists, motorcyclists pay cyclists etc. However, if you have an accident, first you have to talk with the other party (via our guide) to find out who has to pay and how much. If you don’t agree with each other, then we call the police and they will do their job (usually takes time) and you have to stay in Myanmar until they have the official report. Burmese people usually expect you to pay, even if you are right. Don’t be surprised and stay calm as our guide will help you to solve the situation.

If you purchased an insurance policy, and if you request we will contact the insurance company and ask them for instructions. You will need to pay us all phone calls in this case.


Citizen of Asean (except for Malaysia) will get a free Visa on arrival at Yangon or Mandalay airport. Non-Asean citizens need to prepare a valid entry visa to Myanmar in advance. Your passport must have at least 6 month’s validity before expiry. You need to contact the Myanmar Embassy in your country or self-apply eVisa at: to arrange visa. You also can contact us and we will advise you on visa regulations.

A single entry tourist visa will typically cost around US$50 and allows staying in Myanmar for a maximum of twenty-eight (28) consecutive days from the date of entry.

YES, we strongly recommend you to take out a travel insurance before embarking on one of our tours even if you are a pillion passenger. This insurance should cover your personal health whether resulting from an accident or not, medical evacuation, repatriation, trip cancellation or disruption, luggage damage or losses, theft, breakage, etc.


Myanmar weather will get very hot in this period of time, especially, in some dry cities like Bagan and Mandalay. The temperature can range from 31 to 38°C in the day time. However, it is quite comfortable to drive in other areas in Shan state like Kalaw, Pindaya, and Inle with cooler air and surely you will have many things to see and get fun on the road.

This time of the year is the rainy season with high wind, hot weather and heavy rain. However, it will not rain every day and at everywhere. We will drive from cities to cities so our drive consultant will help you to find the best route for a safe and enjoyable riding during this season. 

It is the best time to take motorbike tour in Myanmar. During this wonderful dry season, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere with the blue sky, colorful flowers, lush vegetation and charming villages. In these months, the weather is not too hot in the day and the temperature remains pleasant and comfortable cool at night.


If you have any further questions, please:

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