Things to Know Before Taking a Motorbike Tour in Myanmar

One of the best ways to see a country is on the back of a motorbike. A car or bus tour is fine, but it can be too limiting compared to a motorbike. A bike brings you closer to the world around you and opens up the chance for exploration. Here are the things to know before taking a motorbike tour in Myanmar, as there’s more to it than just renting a bike and going wherever you want.

There are Some Places Foreigners Can’t Access on Motorbikes 

Certain areas of Myanmar are off limits to foreigners on motorbikes. In particular the city of Bagan. Given the historical significance of the city and the wondrous sights there, there’s no doubt anyone would want to visit. Make sure that you leave your bike outside the city though and travel on foot, by bike, e - bike (similar to a moped but run by electricity), horse cart.

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E bike is a common transportation in Bagan

Foreigners Cannot Apply for Motorbike Licenses

Some countries allow for travellers and foreigners to apply for their motorbike license after arriving. Myanmar is not one of them. If you come to Myanmar without a motorbike license then you will not be able to rent or ride a motorbike legally. Get certified before coming to the country to avoid problems.

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You May Need a Special Permit

There are some areas of the country where – even though you can legally ride a motorbike – you can only do so after getting a special permit from the government. The problem is that you can’t apply for these licenses yourself. They have to be handled by your travel agent. Make sure you tell your travel agent where you plan on biking so they can get these permits for you ahead of time. As a prestige travel agent in Myanmar, Burma Motorbike Tours is pleased to accompany with you in every dusty roads of the Golden land.

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It’s Difficult to Rent a Bike in Myanmar

Technically foreigners are not legally allowed to rent bikes in Myanmar. This makes it somewhat difficult to hire a motorbike of your own. The good news is that there are still ways you can rent your own bike if you wish. It’s best to organise your bike rental ahead of time rather than going to Myanmar and hoping you can just pick one up. You won’t be able to. Myanmar bike rental shops know how to allow tourists to rent their bikes and they can get you the ride you want. There’s nothing worse than being caught out without the proper permits.

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Photo: motorreizen

If you’re planning a motorbike tour of Myanmar then there are several things you need to be aware of. The first is the legality of renting and riding a bike in the country. You need to rent the bike ahead of time and you need to discuss with your travel agent any special permits you may need. Keep in mind there are some places, such as Bagan, where tourists are not allowed to ride bikes. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s so worth all the trouble to experience a fantastic motorbike tour of Myanmar and see what the country has to offer up close!

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