Myanmar Motorcycle Riding Guides

The Government of Myanmar announced a crackdown on motorbikes and any bikes seen on the streets of Yangon city center would be confiscated. There are many stories around this decision, hence, as the matter of fact, the accident rate has decreased notablely. 

The law is also put into effect in the ancient capital of thousands temples Bagan in order to preserve the vestige complex.

Those foreigners wishing to ride bikes in Myanmar need to make sure they have a special permit to ride before getting to the country which can be done through a travel agent. Proudly to be a reliable motorcycle tour operator in Myanmar, Burma Motorbike Tours will surely help you to create a dream ride to the Golden Land. But keep in mind that, even after the permit is granted no one is allowed to ride the bikes in Myanmar Yangon city.

Overall, the ban is only applied in the city center of Yangon and Bagan, not in the outskirts so that you can still enjoy your ride with so much fun and pleasure.  

Foreigners are not allowed to apply for Myanmar Motorbike Licence. However, outside the forbidden riding zone, bikers can ride with their national or international riding licence.  

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